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How to Look Great While Surviving the Apocalypse

June 3, 2011

My post-apocalyptic investment

Imagine this: it’s the year 2050. Civilized society has ceased to exist. The great cities of the world have crumbled and water is the hottest black market item. That’s right, it’s a post-apocalyptic world and you’ve managed to survive. How? Two words: trench coat. Anyone who’s seen The Book of Eli knows that the secret to being successful
in a world where mad hunting skills are the new black is to have a three-foot long machete and some awesome apocalypse duds.

I assume you’ve already got your machete ready and waiting, but the real question is: what are you gonna wear for the rest of your life as you search for shelter, food, and non-people-eating companions? This brings us back to the trench coat, my garment of choice. The great thing about trench coats are that they are super-versatile in that they can be dressed up or dressed down, as well as durable and very utilitarian. I mean come on, how embarrassing would it be to show up to one of those post-apocalyptic dinner parties and be the only one not wearing a trendy trench coat? But on a less satirical note, I think a trench coat is one of the most essential investment pieces in a wardrobe. I absolutely love mine that I purchased from H&M about a year ago (yay for finding 20% off coupons on the ground). It’s a cotton/polyester blend so it offers both water-resistance and breathability, and of course good ole H&M always has a great selection of affordable outerwear, so if you find yourself in search of good trench coat (June is prime coat weather right?) I’d say start there. I put the trench coat at the top of my list for investment pieces because they can give a good masculine shape to your outfit, and as long as they are the right size and length, they look great on anybody.

So, is this piece of clothing just an investment in your wardrobe or an investment in your doomsday survival? Both.

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