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Those Darn Yellow Monsters

June 14, 2011

Although the official start of summer hasn’t arrived yet, the 90+ degree weather in most of the country probably has you feeling like summer is in full swing…and if you’re like me it has you sweating up a storm. You know what I’m talking about, you step outside and you’re dripping with sweat in five minutes, and while that sweaty, disheveled look might work for t.v. lifeguards it’s not so great for the average guy. It’s a dilemma I’ve run into summer after summer- how to stay looking neat and put together when pit stains are a constant threat. What are us Average Joes to do about those unwelcome yellow monsters that wreck our best shirts? I’ll admit that I used to scoff at those overly dramatic antiperspirant commercials, but I finally decided that enough was enough and I went on the hunt for a solution to my sweaty little problem. Here are the antiperspirants that I tried out and a brief summary of my overall impression of each one:

  • Degree Clinical Protection– Very pricey. It states on the box that it will last through the day, even after showering, but it transferred onto my hands in the shower and made them feel plasticky and weird. I didn’t notice any reduction in under-arm perspiration and for about $11.00 I sure did expect more out of this product.

  • Arm & Hammer Ultra Max Invisible Solid (Wide Stick)- This deodorant/antiperspirant had a nice, fresh smell and was decently effective at reducing under-arm perspiration. A 2.8 oz size only lasted me a few weeks though because so much product rubbed off every time I used it. It was decently priced at around $3.00 and was only kind of invisible. Overall this was a very underwhelming product.
  • Old Spice Sweat Defense– I bought this product because it was on sale, and frankly that was the only thing that ended up being outstanding about it. I flew through this stick of antiperspirant and didn’t really notice any benefit at all. That’s really all there is to say about this product, it was completely forgettable.

Gillette Clinical Odor Shield– This was actually the first clinical strength antiperspirant I tried out, but thGillette Clinical Odor Shield Anti-Perspirant & Deodorante first time I tried it I wasn’t impressed. However, I recently gave it another try, reread the directions and took the time to really rub it in until it turned clear like the package said (useful instructions? how on earth!) and what do ya know? It worked this time. I have been very impressed this go around with this antiperspirant. It doesn’t rub off on clothing and it actually has kept its promise and stopped excessive sweating. I was really shocked that it worked this time and for about $7.00 I’d say it’s worth checking out. This is my pick for winner and I won’t be switching any time soon.

What do you guys think about these? Has anybody tried out anything that they’re nuts about? Let me know if you have any good suggestions for keeping sweat stains at bay.


How to Look Great While Surviving the Apocalypse

June 3, 2011

My post-apocalyptic investment

Imagine this: it’s the year 2050. Civilized society has ceased to exist. The great cities of the world have crumbled and water is the hottest black market item. That’s right, it’s a post-apocalyptic world and you’ve managed to survive. How? Two words: trench coat. Anyone who’s seen The Book of Eli knows that the secret to being successful Read more…

Help me doctor, I think I’m dying.

May 31, 2011

I’ve been accused of being a hypochondriac before, and well, I sort of am. Here’s the thing: it’s not just a toothache that has me convinced I have jaw-cancer or a sore back that has me crying kidney failure. Sadly, the imagined problems have begun leaking over into my wardrobe (I’m sure it’s a real medical condition). What I mean is Read more…

Anthony Sets the Bar High

March 22, 2011

Ah, there’s nothing I love more than an exotic Middle Eastern spa treatment. Ok, so I’ve never actually been to a Middle Eastern spa, but I do love the Anthony Logistics for Men Mud Scrub Exfoliating Bar. This is the perfect bar soap to use after a day at the beach, a hard workout, or any time you want to feel refreshed and relaxed. The dead sea mud, oatmeal, and glycerin work together to scrub away a tough day and leave your skin feeling soft and renewed, plus the great peppermint smell adds a little relaxing aroma therapy to the mix. Although the price is a bit steep for a bar of soap, the quality is great and it makes for a luxurious experience that will have you looking for any excuse to take a shower.

Make it Work.

March 21, 2011

If you’ve got it flaunt it, if not, make it work. You know what I’m talking about: there’s always that perfect must-have item you find in the store, the only problem is the sky-high price. So, what’s a not-so-filthy-rich person to do? In the famous words of Tim Gunn, “Make it work.” Yes, you might not be able to afford that amazing $2,300 Burberry trench coat, or that $750 D&G tote, but there are still affordable, quality options for the times when splurging is just out of the question.H&M is one of my favorite solutions to this predicament because the combination of their fashion-conscious esthetic and reasonable prices provides the average person with great staple pieces as well as stylish seasonal items. Their large selection means that you’re sure to find something you love and won’t have to pay an arm and a leg for it. Looking good while not breaking the bank is perhaps my most unguilty pleasure of all.

Jack Black Cares About Your Face

March 18, 2011

Shaving: every man’s most favorite thing in the world, right? If only. So, shaving is a hassle and razor-burn is lurking around every follicle…what to do? Jack Black has just the thing we need: Jack Black Beard Lube. I received this product for free on my birthday about a year ago via the Beauty Insider rewards program at Sephora and have been using it ever since. Although it costs more than traditional shave gels or shaving cream, you will absolutely get your money’s worth. The creamy beard lube gives a little bit of a tingly sensation to your skin and goes on clear so you can see where you’re shaving, plus it’s ultra-moisturizing compared other products I’ve used in the past. Not only will it leave your skin feeling refreshed, but a little goes a long way so you won’t have to worry about buying it very often. Try this one out guys, your face will thank you.

Let’s Hope This Never Happens.

March 17, 2011